Definition of bubble canopy in US English:

bubble canopy


  • A transparent domed canopy on an aircraft or bubble car.

    • ‘During this time, it was decided to remove the second bubble canopy but the forward cockpit was left in its trainer location.’
    • ‘The fuselage is tubular and cigar-shaped tapering to the rear with a rounded, glassed-in nose and bubble canopy.’
    • ‘The fuselage of the F2G was sleeker than the normal Corsair with a bubble canopy affording excellent visibility.’
    • ‘A closer look found one with a bubble canopy and, after checking paper work, he discovered it was a YP - 47M - 1, one of the prototypes.’
    • ‘Such things as bubble canopies (tested on two modified FG-ls) and turbosuperchargers were tried out.’
    • ‘The ‘Bell helicopter at Greybull in 1955’ is actually a Hiller 360, probably a UH - 12C variant with the bubble canopy.’
    • ‘A search began to find missing parts and a bubble canopy from an earlier Spitfire was fitted to the fuselage.’
    • ‘The pair offered to let him fly Jay Dee, a D-model with a bubble canopy, which would supply the room he needed.’
    • ‘The airframe featured clipped wings, a small bubble canopy and a flashy hot rod style flame paint scheme.’
    • ‘The pressurised and air-conditioned cockpit has a Martin Baker Mark 12 zero zero ejection seat and a single-piece bubble canopy.’
    • ‘The YP - 60E looked considerably different from the previous P - 60 aircraft since it dispensed with the builtup turtledeck behind the cockpit and added a bubble canopy atop the fuselage.’
    • ‘The cockpit has a large bulletproof bubble canopy, which gives good all-round vision.’
    • ‘An alcohol spray helped keep the windscreen free of ice but the liquid played havoc with the plexiglass bubble canopy.’
    • ‘In the cockpit the integrated rollcage is very much in evidence, forming part of the bubble canopy, the dashboard, and the floor pan just in front of the seat, and creating a blind spot that took a few kilometres to get used to.’
    • ‘To bring the Corsair into a more modem configuration, a bubble canopy was added which gave sterling visibility.’
    • ‘And sometimes the pilot's head is within an inch or two of that bubble canopy.’
    • ‘Captain Reynolds, the young Instructor Pilot, told me to climb in the copilot's seat in tandem behind him, under the clear bubble canopy.’
    • ‘Sitting under the big bubble canopy, one finds the early morning sun quite blinding but the air was smooth and there was little traffic in the area.’
    • ‘The wings of the mark XVI were clipped to make it more stable while diving, and a bubble canopy was added to aid visibility.’
    • ‘To give the radar operator some needed room, his position was fitted with a blown bubble canopy but, even so, it was a very tight fit and the radio operators would have to be chosen with a regard to their height or lack of it.’