Definition of Bryophyta in US English:


plural noun

  • A division of small, simple plants that comprises the mosses and liverworts. They lack flowers and roots, reproduce by spores released from a stalked capsule, and are anchored to the soil by specialized hairs.

    Division Bryophyta: classes Musci (mosses) and Hepaticae (liverworts)

    • ‘Takahashi and coworkers made an extensive survey on the Si concentrations of nearly 500 plant species from Bryophyta to Angiospermae, grown under similar soil conditions.’
    • ‘In the ‘bryophytes’ (Hepaticophyta, Anthocerotophyta, and Bryophyta), the sporophyte plant remains small and dependent on the parent gametophyte for its entire life.’
    • ‘An example of this is the Bryophyta, which includes liverworts, mosses and hornworts, but not the vascular plants.’
    • ‘Phylogenetically, we treat Bryophyta as Moss > Quercus.’
    • ‘The Bryophyta or mosses, unlike the liverworts, are present in most terrestrial habitats (even deserts) and may sometimes be the dominant plant life’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek bruon ‘moss’ + phuta ‘plants’.