Definition of bryological in US English:



  • See bryology

    • ‘It is published biannually (usually June and December) and provides news and information on research, workshops and other bryological activities in the Australasian region.’
    • ‘The Finnish Bryological Society was founded in 1987 to promote bryological research and support the cooperation of the bryologists in Finland.’
    • ‘You may also be interested in the Bryological Resources at the Missouri Botanical Garden, including a literature database, index of moss names, and bryological glossary.’
    • ‘It fills a gap, certainly in the bryological literature, and highlights the relevance and importance of bryological research today.’
    • ‘Many other links to bryological sites can be found at the British Bryological Society's homepage and in the Open Directory under Anthocerotophyta, Bryophyta and Hepaticophyta’