Definition of brutish in US English:



  • Resembling or characteristic of a brute.

    ‘brutish behavior’
    • ‘I was too small to wrestle on equal terms with the brutish currents of the surging Rhine minutes after the collapse of the bridge at Remagen.’
    • ‘As for his women he can be charming when necessary, brutish otherwise, and contemptuous thereafter.’
    • ‘What can the perpetrator of these crimes use to justify his brutish means to achieve his fiendish ends?’
    • ‘It is telling that his hero is an honest cop, sometimes brutish but never cruel.’
    • ‘Keen to erase his brutish image, he has agreed to allow me and a Sunday Times photographer to shadow him for three days.’
    • ‘When it comes to brutish tactics and mercilessness, Stefan knows no limits.’
    • ‘When the play was filmed in 1951, his brutish, inarticulate Kowalski unleashed a cry of anguish that would echo down the decades.’
    • ‘Behind each crest of a ravenous bird or brutish beast lay men equally as daunting.’
    • ‘I think they think that wrestlers might be kind of like these brutish, kind of mannish girls.’
    • ‘But Atuat is promised to Oki, a particularly nasty, brutish and short member of their small nomadic community.’
    • ‘You don't suddenly tolerate brutish behavior because it is your child causing the harm.’
    • ‘The Sparks increased their signature brutish nature to win their seventh consecutive game.’
    • ‘One would like to think humans are benign but it would seem we're brutish, which is why I'm interested in literature around that.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most powerful film is ‘Dekalog 5’, in which a brutish youth murders a taxi driver in cold blood, is captured, put on trial and hanged.’
    • ‘Rather a nasty, brutish man, he seems to delight in tormenting Harry Potter.’
    • ‘Stupid, brutish, inarticulate, prone to destroying things when enraged - this is not a hero.’
    • ‘I think it's something about the brutish character who is forced to act in a civilized manner, you want him to succeed, even where you know he'll fail.’
    • ‘This morning at about seven, I heard one of the eldest boys forcibly eject Bobbie from the house in a rather brutish manner.’
    • ‘Yet many argue that this liberalisation of drinking hours is now contributing to the brutish behaviour on the streets.’
    • ‘If we do not speak out and act to stop the brutish behaviour of our Government, then we become accomplices to its wrongdoings.’
    brutal, barbaric, barbarous, savage, vicious, wicked, cruel, nasty, ruthless, merciless, villainous, murderous, heinous, nefarious, monstrous, base, low, low-down, vile, inhuman, infernal, dark, black, black-hearted, fiendish, hellish, diabolical, ghastly, horrible
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