Definition of brushy in US English:



  • 1Covered in or consisting of brushwood.

    ‘a brushy hillside’
    • ‘In St. Charles there's not much left at all, two or three houses, a brushy windbreak around empty ground that may once have been vibrant community.’
    • ‘They typically nest on the ground among the dense cover of a hedgerow, shelterbelt, or brushy roadside, although they have been known to nest in the open.’
    • ‘Surf and turf Daytrip by boat to the 600-acre Indian Lake State Park, where you can jog the three-mile brushy Cherokee Trail past wildflowers like Dutchman's breeches and bloodroot.’
    • ‘And then we were there, passing familiar landmarks and strange new structures where I remembered brushy pastures or more vintage buildings.’
    • ‘An insistent call pulled me toward a brushy area, and in the fading light, I just barely saw a bird fly up into a small tree.’
    • ‘The ability to blend with low cover such as a clump of standing stalks or a brushy fence post gives the dove hunter two trumps.’
    • ‘Bohemian Waxwings breed in open areas and edges of boreal forests, often in places with sparse tree cover above brushy understory.’
    • ‘The land, which at first glance seemed relatively featureless, gradually revealed hundreds of arroyos and small valleys, rock overhangs and brushy draws - plenty of places for cats to hide.’
    • ‘Both ranges are soft from age but covered in brushy pine forests, knobby granite crags, and hiking and biking trails.’
    • ‘They're sitting inside their cars or in lawn chairs viewing a production set on a rough, brushy hillside; the performance began around 9 o'clock and will end just after midnight.’
    • ‘From where I'm sitting right now I can see a brushy patch about 125 yards off across the road, the last remaining outpost of a prominent Big City family's ranch.’
    • ‘Clean cultivation, elimination of brushy areas and fence rows, high use of pesticides during most of the growing season (such as in orchards), all contribute to the reduction in numbers of native bees.’
    • ‘One dusty street has all the town's shops, with a small grid of deteriorating roads and tumbledown shacks huddling between the sea and the low, brushy jungle that somehow looks poised to devour the suburbs.’
    • ‘To the right of the grandstand crowning a little brushy hill sat the fenced-in concrete pavilion, the spot for that evening's dance.’
    • ‘In winter, they can be found below the snow zone throughout the state where there is brushy cover, although they are more abundant west of the Cascades.’
    • ‘The answer, he was to find, lay not in the brushy fields - overgrown with multiflora rose, dogwood saplings, and autumn olive - where both species lived but in the differing ways the two rabbit species saw the landscape.’
    • ‘Support crops of peas with netting or small, brushy hazel twigs; stake climbing and runner beans with a stout framework of canes or hazel rods.’
    • ‘In my childhood our neighborhood was largely undeveloped so I know about that freedom to roam, to build brushy forts, and to be the hero in all the adventures your imagination can conjure.’
    • ‘In Washington, these are often located at openings within coniferous forests, clear-cuts, wetlands, rivers, and along brushy hillsides, at low to middle elevations.’
    • ‘The river here is broader, with brushy banks and shallow places favored by fishing birds.’
  • 2Art
    Displaying bold use of the brush in painting.

    ‘brushy outlining of form’
    • ‘The skittering streaks and brushy splashes of color - punctuated by incidental drips and blobs - tend to remain discrete, but when they are allowed to run together, the effect is spectacular.’
    • ‘In Stueck, 110 by 134 inches, a brushy rectangle of pink and pale orange is loosely framed against a dark-green coil: hose, serpent or tentacle.’
    • ‘The dust under his feet is orange, brushy curls of yellow-orange and blue dance in the sunrise sky, and the several horses are deep blue with purple outlines sometimes highlighted in orange.’
    • ‘An oddly shaped white and yellow puddle of thinned pigment, its isolation heightened by an expanse of brushy, unmodulated blue, recalls Miro in its comic vulnerability.’
    • ‘With their emphasis on differentiated, brushy blocks of color and simplified forms, his early paintings look forward to the 1960s, presaging approaches as diverse as Pop and Hard Edge abstraction.’