Definition of brush past in US English:

brush past

phrasal verb

  • Touch fleetingly and in passing.

    ‘she brushed past him to leave the room’
    • ‘I brush past her and finally come into the study.’
    • ‘Grace rolled her eyes as she stood up, ‘this isn't even your apartment,’ she tried to brush past him to the door but he wouldn't let her.’
    • ‘As I had my eyes closed, I could hear the sounds, I heard the sounds of crows cawing nearby, and I felt wings brush past my hands and feet so often.’
    • ‘They brush past me; some giving me strange looks as to why I've stopped where I've stopped, no one actually stopping alongside.’
    • ‘She tried to brush past him but he grabbed her wrist.’
    • ‘As the door closed, I felt a cool breeze brush past me.’
    • ‘Shaking the ache out of my hand and pretending not to heed my momentarily stupefied foe, I brush past him, taking advantage of his disbelief.’
    • ‘His jaw drops, the cameraman giggles and I brush past him and head into the store.’
    • ‘I tried to brush past her, but she was blocking my way.’
    • ‘Have you ever been tapped on the shoulder when no-one is there, or sometimes can you feel some-one brush past you, again when no-one is there?’
    • ‘Pixie glanced at her and was about to brush past her when she continued on, ‘How do you feel about your father's case.’’
    • ‘I felt something brush past me; a phantom presence.’
    • ‘Scented geraniums release their fragrances to the air only when you touch them or brush past.’
    • ‘He picked up his suitcase and tried to brush past her.’
    • ‘Or maybe I'll see one of them around in the street, as a passer-by, perhaps in twenty years time; and I'll brush past them, not noticing who they are.’
    • ‘Marjoline squeaked, trying to brush past her, but Jacquiline barred the way with her arm and put Marjoline back in her place with only a slight nudge.’
    • ‘But, I heard the horse brush past some branches, and I opened my eyes - the horse had gone through the trees just fine.’
    • ‘Adam felt him brush past and glanced towards him.’
    • ‘I often see people coming to take a sprig for their Sunday roast lamb - others just brush past it or crush a sprig between their fingers.’
    • ‘I brush past some onlookers too scared to get their hair wet and step outside.’