Definition of brucite in English:



  • A white, gray, or greenish mineral consisting of magnesium hydroxide.

    • ‘The individual magnesium hydroxide layers are identical to the individual layers of brucite and are referred to as the ‘brucite layers’.’
    • ‘In the presence of excess ground waters, brucite in the friable matrix dissolves, leaving behind a residue of amorphous iron oxides.’
    • ‘They also subjected the brucite to deuteration which resulted in appropriate wavelength shifts in the spectrum, indicating that these bands are indeed due to true OH vibrations.’
    • ‘The Woods Chrome mine of Texas Pennsylvania is a classic locality for brucite.’
    • ‘The spacing between the protruding oxygen atoms is comparable to the spacing between certain of the hydroxyl groups in layers of magnesium hydroxide (brucite) or aluminum hydroxide (gibbsite).’


Early 19th century: named after Archibald Bruce (1777–1818), American mineralogist, + -ite.