Definition of brubru in US English:


(also brubru shrike)


  • A small tropical African shrike (bird) with striking black-and-white plumage and chestnut flanks.

    Nilaus afer, family Laniidae

    Compare with boubou
    • ‘Among the species to be seen on lower slopes are Goldenbreasted Bunting, Brubru Shrike, Plumcoloured Starling and Sheelly's Francolin, with raptors such as Gymnogene, Martial Eagle and Brown Snake Eagle soaring overhead.’
    • ‘The Brubru is usually solitary or in pairs; it is a restless but unobtrusive arboreal species which hunts insects in the canopy.’
    • ‘There are bearded woodpeckers, yellow-breasted apalis, brubrus, and paradise flycatchers.’


French: imitative of its call.