Definition of browny in US English:



  • See brown

    • ‘Rudbeckia Goldquelle is a double-flowered species with bushy growth and mid yellow blooms from July to September while the unusual Rudbeckia mollis has hairy leaves and a browny green cone.’
    • ‘I bought one of those and my mum dutifully kept hold of it until all the colours gradually slipped together and became a sort of blah browny sandy colour, when she wisely decided it was no longer worth holding onto.’
    • ‘In the early 70s, the store converted to UPC readers, which I now think was rather ahead it of its time. It coincided with an utter browning of the store, though - brown and orange, orangish browns and browny oranges.’
    • ‘Dylan goes up to a security guard and describes Janae to him - ‘She's about this high with browny blondish hair.’’
    • ‘Anyway, very few flowers in my yard flaunt the single colours - bright yellow, soft pink, browny maroon, crimson - black - of my original sowing.’