Definition of Browning in US English:



  • 1A type of water-cooled automatic machine gun.

    • ‘As an example, a left-handed shooter carrying a Browning Hi-Power will need an ambidextrous safety.’
    • ‘The aircraft's tail turret still had its two Brownings installed, their barrels adorned with a bouquet of yellow sponges.’
    • ‘Since the aircraft was relatively small in size, armament was initially restricted to four .50-caliber air-cooled Browning machine guns with 1200 rounds of ammunition.’
    • ‘By the time the Allies liberated Herstal, the German occupying forces had had to resort to forced labor, and the guns they were producing were the worst Brownings of all time, with ugly finishes and often poor fit.’
    • ‘Day after day, the 384th's industrious and skilled mechanics had, one by one, stripped each B - 17 of the accouterments of war: .50-cal Brownings, most turrets, armor plate, and oxygen systems.’
    • ‘Yes, the guns are replica .50-cal Brownings done by Aero Trader and are very nice.’
    • ‘From an engineering viewpoint, many of his mechanical solutions have been recognized as precursors to later designs as modern as the BAR, the Browning machine gun, M1 rifle and M1 carbine.’
    • ‘The use of the FEG clone can save you money because the cost of a new gun is considerably less than current prices for a Browning - when you can find one.’
    • ‘The Sabres were often used to attack rebel encampments and the usual tactic was to come in at very low altitude and catch the rebels by surprise, strafing the area with the six .50-caliber Brownings.’
    • ‘However, when this heavily loaded, the ammunition per gun had to be reduced from 425-to 267-rpg and on some aircraft the number of Brownings was reduced to six.’
    • ‘Because of the turn and power change, I pulled ahead of Hippe and opened fire with the four .50 caliber Browning machine guns.’
    • ‘I have often wondered what fate would have met the Luftwaffe over England had the RAF fighters been armed with .50-cal Brownings instead of the .303-cal weapons since the .50-cal had so much more hitting power.’
    • ‘The P - 51A would be fitted with four .50-caliber Brownings (two in each wing panel) and associated magazines to carry 1260 rounds of ammunition.’
    • ‘In 1943, each American infantry division was issued 157.30-caliber and 236.50-caliber Browning machine guns.’
    • ‘Young Vallegrande residents are eager extras on the film set and march the town's warren of streets carrying wooden cut-outs of Browning machine guns and M1 rifles as they pretend to be Captain Prado Salmon and his battalion.’
    • ‘Freddy and his mates were flying the Curtiss P - 40E Warhawk which was well-armed with six .50-cal Browning machine guns and provided the pilot with ample protective armor.’
    • ‘If you liked the pre-'64 model 70 and the FN Mauser Brownings so much, why didn't you buy them?’
    • ‘Conversations become stilted and whispered, the drinks were poured stronger, they removed the tarps disguising the twin Brownings and walked the deck with revolvers in their belts.’
    • ‘A 37 - US gallon forward wing fuel tank was also dropped while the remaining four .50-cal Brownings had their ammunition reduced by 70 rounds per gun.’
    • ‘With the slightly shorter redesigned nose, which destroyed the shark-like contours of the earlier P - 40s, the P - 40D's nose guns were eliminated, hut the wing was modified to hold four .50-cal Browning machine guns.’
    • ‘Also, a dorsal turret was retained but modified to handle four .50-caliber Brownings.’
    • ‘The Army wanted the aircraft carry the stunning armament of either eight 20 mm cannon or twelve .50-cal Brownings and fly at over 450-mph - truly amazing requirements for the time.’
    1. 1.1 A type of automatic pistol.
      • ‘GOE operators have a liberal personal weapons policy, so it is not unusual to see team members carrying pistols that range from Brownings to SIG Sauers to Glocks.’
      • ‘The Brownings are long out of production, however, the .44 Magnum is alive and well in Rossi, Winchester, and especially Marlin leverguns.’
      • ‘Arms comprising 7.62 self-loading rifles, a mini Uzi and various pistols including a Glock, a Browning, a Baretta, and an AR - 180 5.56 automatic rifle were also found.’
      • ‘Two masked gunmen fired a total of 14 shots from a .38 revolver and a 9mm Browning automatic pistol, all of which hit Finucane.’
      • ‘He was asked for the weapon by a senior UDA officer whose name is well known to the police and who rejected Stobie's original weapon (a six gun) and asked for a Browning capable of discharging 13 shots.’
      • ‘To test the Adjuster, we retrieved a Browning Hi-Power from the gun safe and began to fiddle with the two adjustment screws.’
      • ‘The gunman, who used a 9mm Browning automatic pistol, has killed before and was brought in from Tyrone to kill O'Hagan.’
      • ‘Being a distinctly heavier pistol than, say, a Browning Hi-Power, the 1911 transmits only a gentle bump to the shooter when it spits a 9mm Parabellum round.’
      • ‘I had the opportunity to shoot scads of quality target pistols, including the S&W Model 41, various High Standards, Brownings and exotic European models.’
      • ‘First we will stop by the armory where you will choose from the Barettas, Brownings, and Magnums.’
      • ‘They had a switch blade, a Browning BDM, and a Colt.’
      • ‘Glocks, Brownings and Berettas are joining flags and banners as top sales items and ammunition sales are doubling and tripling.’
      • ‘Another of the Palace Barracks guns, a Browning automatic pistol, was used to assassinate Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane.’
      • ‘Traditionally, I open the season with an old and reliable favorite, a Browning Twelvette Double Auto.’
      • ‘Matt Del Fatti of Del Fatti Leather who I see as one of the finest leather craftsmen to ply the trade, cut and sewed a mahogany-colored holster with two magazine scabbards, custom fit to this Browning.’
    2. 1.2 A gas-operated automatic rifle, typically fired from a bipod.
      • ‘The Browning Automatic Rifle, or BAR, was a direct result of machine gun and trench warfare found in the First World War.’
      • ‘The initial M1918A1 version of the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) was first used in combat by American soldiers during World War I, and many saw service in World War II.’
      • ‘Since its introduction in 1967, the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) has set the standard for autoloading centerfire hunting rifles.’


Early 20th century: named after John M. Browning (1855–1926), American designer of the weapons.