Definition of brown tree snake in US English:

brown tree snake


  • A nocturnal tree snake of Pacific origin that has escaped captivity as a pet to threaten native fauna in many Pacific Rim locations.

    Boiga irregularis, family Colubridae

    • ‘In the early 1980's, however, this species, along with seven other native forest birds, was extirpated from the wild due to predation by the invasive brown tree snake.’
    • ‘But that feistiness wasn't enough to save it from the brown tree snake, an alien intruder that probably arrived on a military plane or ship after World War II, then preyed on Guam birds.’
    • ‘Zebra mussels in the Great Lakes, brown tree snakes in Guam, rabbits in Australia - all play havoc with natural ecosystems.’
    • ‘The story, unfortunately, isn't B-grade fiction; the very real brown tree snake made its way from New Guinea to Guam, probably aboard a freighter, in the mid-1950s.’
    • ‘U.S. Department of Agriculture officials have been using Jack Russell terriers on that Pacific Ocean island to detect invasive brown tree snakes in airport cargo.’