Definition of brown snake in US English:

brown snake


  • 1A fast-moving, venomous, and aggressive Australian snake, with a variety of color forms.

    Pseudonaja and other genera, family Elapidae: several species, in particular P. textilis

    • ‘Antivenins contain a fairly hefty chunk of horse serum, and if big doses are used (such as for brown snakes in Queensland or with inexperienced users) serum sickness results and may need steroids.’
    • ‘He was said to have been bitten more than 10 times by deadly snakes; one bite from a brown snake sent him into unconsciousness before a friend called an ambulance.’
    • ‘For example, Australian snakes such as the taipan and the brown snake use two active enzymes in their venom that are also present in human blood: factor X and factor V.’
    • ‘It's like a ‘fish that got away’ story, especially as brown snakes aren't common around here, but I'll go to sleep tonight happy believing that he was 160 centimetres.’
    • ‘It was a brown snake, four or five feet long, probably smaller than it seemed to my little eyes at the time, and it was swishing its way along the hopscotch lines on the playground.’
  • 2A small, secretive, harmless North American snake that is typically brownish in color.

    Storeria dekayi, family Colubridae

    • ‘Officers found a common nonpoisonous brown snake, inexplicably covered with jelly.’
    • ‘Although adaptable to a wide range of habitats, the brown snake prefers moist, open prairies and meadows.’
    • ‘Brown Snakes reach lengths between 9 and 13 in. (23-33 cm).’