Definition of brown sauce in US English:

brown sauce


  • A savory sauce made with fat and flour cooked to a brown color.

    • ‘The emphasis is on home-made dishes: corned beef hash with Tracy's own brown sauce; sandwiches with turkey and ham cooked on the premises; soup and freshly-baked bread; quiche and more.’
    • ‘Try the sliced trotter in brown sauce or the sliced beef in brown sauce.’
    • ‘The wine's rich flavor will work beautifully with hearty dishes like pasta with meat sauce and rack of lamb with a brown sauce.’
    • ‘Tender, tasty meat, cooked to our specifications and tinged with just the right amount of chargrill is bathing in a rich, brown sauce accented with sweet, soft shallots.’
    • ‘Same goes for an entrée of Texas beef tips in what the catering menu calls ‘classic Hungarian brown sauce.’’
    • ‘It was a ubiquitous two-inch slice of fillet in a heavy, buttery brown sauce with pearl barley in it, described as ‘truffled oxtail barley risotto’.’
    • ‘The moist duck is an ideal platform from which to show off the unusually tasty brown sauce.’
    • ‘Just try passing up the shrimp with honey-glazed walnuts or ‘his flash-fried, crisp-edged filet mignon in spicy brown sauce.’’
    • ‘Nothing much different from his ordinary dinners - pork braised in brown sauce, which was his favourite, and a fish, for it represents good fortune in the new year.’
    • ‘It was topped with mushrooms in a light, slightly tangy brown sauce.’
    • ‘Beef with fresh hot pepper deploys jalapeños in a brown sauce with just a tinge of sweetness.’
    • ‘It was a plate of Icelandic lobster tails and lamb served with a tomato/zucchini salsa, roasted potatoes and some brown sauce.’
    • ‘An inconsequential, sweetish brown sauce might have been saved by an exuberance of stir-fried basil leaves crowned by more leaves that had been deep-fried to a fragile crisp.’
    • ‘Unfold a pancake, place the duck skin on it, add one piece of shallot and one piece of cucumber and spoon on the brown sauce, roll up the pancake and contents and eat.’
    • ‘Every week, he made a new version of meat, beans, vegetables, and potatoes that bubbled in an earthy brown sauce.’
    • ‘Back home I stowed my shopping away, had a grossly over-indulgent lunch of sausage rolls and brown sauce, and took myself off for a long, long afternoon nap.’
    • ‘In a world of let-downs, one thing you can rely on to you pick you up - even if only for a minute or so - is the good old sausage barm with brown sauce.’
    • ‘The generous portion of shrimp was covered in a delicious spicy brown sauce and accompanied by a plain white bun.’
    • ‘This made for loads of flavor, especially when dipped in the accompanying brown sauce, which was so heavy with garlic that I was still tasting it an hour later, even after having brushed my teeth.’
    • ‘Hans smiled and said, ‘White wine, flamed with brandy, a little brown sauce and peppercorns and simmered for as long as possible.’’


brown sauce

/braʊn sɔs/