Definition of brown rot in US English:

brown rot


  • A fungal disease causing the rotting and browning of parts of plants.

    a disease producing discoloration and shriveling of apples, pears, plums, etc. (caused by fungi of the genus Monilinia, phylum Ascomycota)

    a disease resulting in the softening and cracking of timber (caused by bracket fungi of the family Polyporaceae, class Basidiomycetes)

    • ‘To control brown rot on apricots, spray with a Bordeaux mixture (hydrated lime and copper sulfate) or other fungicide containing copper.’
    • ‘To be sure, we had to eat around the brown rot and the insect damage, but the flavor was incredible as was the feeling of simply being there with my children, laughing at our stickiness, with the damp mist rising around us in the golden light.’
    • ‘Indeed, cracks constitute preferential entry sites for the main agents of brown rot in stone and pome fruits, both in the orchard and after harvest, throughout Europe.’
    • ‘Too much fertilizer can cause bland, soft fruit that is more susceptible to brown rot.’
    • ‘For instance, seed potatoes cannot be sold in the EU unless they are devoid of the potato brown rot agent Ralstonia solanacearum.’
    • ‘Minister Coughlan also spoke of the need to safeguard the potato crop in Ireland from the entry of devastating diseases such as ring rot and brown rot.’
    • ‘Potato brown rot and rhizomania, which attacks sugar beet, and the South American leaf miner are other imported diseases and pests that have devastated crops.’
    • ‘This spray will also help control other fungal diseases such as shot hole and brown rot.’
    • ‘Pests like plum curculio and brown rot are relentless when it comes to stone fruits like plums and peaches.’
    • ‘Many gardeners have also found using sprays made from garlic to be very effective in helping to control plant diseases such as powdery mildew, bean anthracnose, and brown rot in almonds, apricots and peaches.’
    • ‘Approved for use on stone fruits and almonds to control brown rot, blossom and twig blight, and fruit brown rot.’
    • ‘But the brown rot soon set in and the usual battle began, to pick the fruit at exactly the right time, before the rot and the birds got the fruit.’