Definition of brown owl in US English:

brown owl


  • another term for tawny owl
    • ‘At present there is a brown owl, white-faced owls and natal francolin in the room.’
    • ‘They tried hawk and bittern but the Gluttons chickened out after digesting a particularly stringy old brown owl, deciding to concentrate their studies on the effects of the port accompanying their meat instead.’
    • ‘She looked down to the tree in the backyard and noticed a small brown owl sitting on one of the branches.’
    • ‘The actual benefits will be the natural vegetation of the riverbank corridor; increasing diversity of wildlife, such as brown owls, water voles, kingfishers and otters, as well as providing cover and food for fish populations.’
    • ‘This dumpy little brown owl, with its icing sugar spots, can sometimes be seen perched on street lights, snapping up the moths that whirl around them dementedly.’


brown owl

/ˌbroun ˈoul/