Definition of brown bread in US English:

brown bread


  • Bread that is light brown in color, typically made using unbleached or unrefined whole wheat flour.

    ‘a plate of smoked salmon and brown bread’
    ‘wheatgerm is often used as a dietary supplement and is added to some brown breads’
    • ‘No matter where she was she still found time for knitting, gardening and making brown bread.’
    • ‘Chowder should be made rich and thick, served with doorstop slices of home-made brown bread and Irish butter.’
    • ‘Brown bread came in smaller loaves, either light or dark brown.’
    • ‘Margaret kept John in order with a healthy diet, eggs from their own chickens, homemade brown bread, jam, yoghurt.’
    • ‘Brown bread is served with the clams, and watermelon for dessert completes the feast.’
    • ‘Elegantly sliced brown bread and butter would be perfect with this mild-mannered salad, or perhaps some crusty French bread.’
    • ‘Bakeries carry a variety of breads, with brown bread and white soda bread served most often with meals.’
    • ‘Her daily routine was to wake about 4.30am and have a cup of tea and thin brown bread and butter, in bed.’
    • ‘As I took my seat a glass of water appeared, along with some superb homemade brown bread.’


rhyming slang
  • (of a person) dead.

    ‘if the bite isn't treated within a short period of time, you'll be brown bread’
    • ‘Rather than appealing to hooligans' better nature, he should threaten them with physical violence: "If you start a ruck, you're brown bread."’
    • ‘"I'd love to play until I was brown bread, but not playing throughout the year has probably helped me adjust," he said.’
    • ‘He shouted to me that he'd find me and that 'I was brown bread'.’
    • ‘The exclamation, "Old Hovis is brown bread", would have made him laugh, I'm sure.’
    • ‘After the alarm was raised about the fire, he telephoned her mother and allegedly told her: "Neil is brown bread."’