Definition of brotherliness in US English:



  • See brotherly

    • ‘The qualities of humility, modesty and good brotherliness, which are attained through sound knowledge and education, would see us through in these trying times.’
    • ‘Even the barbershop, a well-defined space, with its emphasis on male bonding and brotherliness, is limited in its role in bringing about solidarity.’
    • ‘And the translation of that punitive word, Stobrod, into a word of joy, brotherliness, the divinity of God even in this very soiled and crude and redemptionless man, is also the lesson of the book.’
    • ‘All of us should cooperate in maintaining law and order and in promoting peace and brotherliness.’
    • ‘One just has to admire the cozy sociability and bend over brotherliness of these folks from Arkansas.’