Definition of brothel-keeper in US English:



  • A person who runs a brothel.

    ‘the lowly daughter of the local brothel-keeper’
    • ‘The brothel keepers are demanding the right to provide escort services, saying that's the only way for them to compete with unlicensed operators and remain financially viable.’
    • ‘In the 1790s, Margaret Leeson, a prostitute and brothel-keeper from Dublin, published her memoirs.’
    • ‘This legislation is supposed to protect prostitutes, but I believe it will, rather, protect brothels, brothel-keepers, and their clients.’
    • ‘In satires on lewdness and folly, artists and poets continued to portray brothel-keepers as old hags, following the tradition established by classical myths.’
    • ‘Old women were also stereotyped in comic literature as drunks, brothel keepers and witches.’
    • ‘At the moment, the brothel-keeper and the pimp are well aware that they are breaking the law.’
    • ‘She preserves her virginity by talking prospective clients out of their lust, and converting them to goodness, much to the rage of the brothel keepers.’
    • ‘A family doctor who closed his medical practice in a small New Zealand town announced he would reopen for business next month as a brothel-keeper.’
    • ‘The working of the Act has not been very effective against pimps and brothel-keepers, possibly because of the reluctance of the victims to give evidence.’
    • ‘He saw his sister amongst these girls and became so angry that he attempted to kill the brothel-keeper and his sister.’
    • ‘The memoirs of a Manchester brothel-keeper in 1865 show how her more upmarket club was frequented by both upper and middle-class male visitors.’
    • ‘Ali, the brothel-keeper, is Susanna's common-law husband and, as we later learn, Martina's real father.’
    • ‘In fact, she'd been introduced to the occupation by her mother, who was herself a brothel-keeper.’
    • ‘Recently there was an item on the news about a woman recently found out to be a brothel keeper, who had been hobnobbing with the rich and royalty.’
    • ‘The brothel-keeper took him to another room, calmed him down and got him another girl.’
    procurer, procuress
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