Definition of brook trout in US English:

brook trout


North American
  • see char
    • ‘It produced the world record brook trout of 14.5 pounds.’
    • ‘The brook trout lived in the deep pot outside that little apron of land.’
    • ‘In the process, native brook trout were muscled out of their traditional territory.’
    • ‘In three casts I caught three fish, all beautifully marked wild brook trout.’
    • ‘The research was conducted on Canadian brook trout, regular, ordinary fish by all standards.’
    • ‘Native brook trout still populate the Clear River, which flows from Wallum Lake.’
    • ‘Sometimes there were trout fillets, rather messily hacked from the brook trout: they were an intense pinkish red like barely ripe strawberries.’
    • ‘There are many extensive conservation efforts directed towards brook trout, especially naturally reproducing brook trout populations.’
    • ‘Stocking is also used to maintain brook trout in acidic lakes at higher elevations.’
    • ‘Hike up the spring-fed creek, where brook trout thrive.’
    • ‘You gotta love the aggressiveness of brook trout.’
    • ‘I've never tasted such exquisite brook trout.’
    • ‘Looking close, I could see five suckers and two big brook trout.’
    • ‘Lake trout are known to hybridize with brook trout where the range of the two species overlap.’
    • ‘The eastern brook trout in particular was a highly prized fish.’
    • ‘This year's topic was the restoration of native brook trout in the Smoky Mountains.’
    • ‘A tiger trout is a hybrid between a brown trout and a brook trout.’
    • ‘Rattlesnake Brook, which meanders through much of the property, is stocked with brook trout each spring.’
    • ‘The biologists also caught brook trout, which are native to the Eastern United States.’
    • ‘A brook trout according to my literature is a char.’