Definition of brooder in US English:



  • 1A heated house for chicks or piglets.

    ‘the chicks were young and had to be kept in the brooder’
    • ‘Located close to the main entrance of the zoo, the brooder room will be used to incubate eggs and house the hatched chicks.’
    • ‘Chicks were hatched in incubators and kept indoors in brooders for the first 6 weeks of their life.’
    • ‘All birds were hatched in incubators and kept in brooders until approximately 7 weeks of age, at which time they were moved to 5 x 7 x 4 m outdoor flight pens.’
    • ‘Heaters, brooders, feed and water delivery systems, ventilation fans all continue to regulate environment.’
    • ‘The wire flooring of their brooder cages prevented immediate reinfection via fecal consumption.’
    • ‘Figure 5 shows a box that can be used as a brooder house for the chicks.’
    • ‘Almost like a hospital with a maternity ward for expectant mothers, the brooder room also houses sick and injured birds and has a recovery room.’
    • ‘A new brooder room for incubating eggs and hand-rearing baby birds is to be formally opened at the Johannesburg Zoo during the Sasol Bird Fair on 3 and 4 September.’
    • ‘After 24 hours the chicks should be dry and ready to move to a brooder where they can be given food and water.’
    • ‘Day-old chicks are delivered to Solbury Farm and reared in brooder houses on turkey crumbs.’
    • ‘Four years ago, Arner and Handeen moved an old brooder house onto a concrete slab that once supported a granary.’
    • ‘After this, the chick is moved to a pre-prepared brooder set at a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius (96.8 degrees Fahrenheit) for the first five days.’
  • 2A person who broods about something.

    ‘he's a brooder, worrying about everything’
    • ‘‘Lately, it's really struck me a lot that I don't have to be a brooder, or so focused on golf every second, to play my best,’ he says.’
    • ‘As I was watching, I kept getting surprised because she was such a brooder in Blue Crush, trying so hard to be a sex goddess in Rules of Attraction, and so abused in Wonderland that all this smiling was a really pleasure.’
    • ‘Hip-hop lovers say that it is the very mature soundtrack of the big-city brooder.’
    • ‘At 18 his artwork swam across two albums by alt-country brooder Will Oldham, then sunned on the walls of a Tokyo art gallery.’
    • ‘Brooding on this - and Blair is a brooder, as his recent melancholy-tinged interview with Robert Harris showed - the Prime Minister may care to turn his mind to Romsey, and brighten.’
    • ‘Was he an outspoken child who led the others in their games, or was he a quiet brooder who sat and daydreamed about what he'd grow up to be?’
    • ‘I suspect I may be a secret sucker for authoritative brooders, with a redeeming sense of humour.’
    • ‘In contrast, Bertie Carvel's fine, upstanding Karl is both latter-day Robin Hood, punishing his gang's excesses, and Hamletesque brooder meditating on life and death.’
    • ‘Each teen has a stock personality: the leader, the fat guy, the brooder.’
    • ‘For all his friendliness, Keloid Kenneth was a brooder who preferred to socialize instead of chat.’
    • ‘The second half is loaded with these 3 A.M. smoking cigarettes-on-your-balcony brooders, and you'd think it'd get bogged down worse than a fat-farm delivery bus in a flash flood on a dirt road, but it just gets… y'know, moody.’
    • ‘I'm a brooder and a thinker, so doing that wasn't easy for me, but I did do it.’