Definition of Bronze Star in US English:

Bronze Star


  • A US military decoration awarded for heroic or meritorious achievement not involving participation in aerial flight.

    • ‘Thurlow's claim to fame is his contention that Kerry's boat wasn't actually under fire in a 1969 incident for which Kerry was awarded a Bronze Star.’
    • ‘He received a Bronze Star for his heroic rescue of wounded Marines at Tarawa, his son said.’
    • ‘For his leadership, Sergeant Ayersman was awarded a Bronze Star with a distinguishing device for heroic achievement.’
    • ‘Kerry was injured yet again on 13 March 1969, in an action for which he was awarded both a Bronze Star and his third Purple Heart.’
    • ‘His family also recently learned that the young Marine was awarded a Bronze Star for the action he took shortly before his death.’
    • ‘He's a civilian lawyer who now has a Bronze Star for heroic service in Iraq.’
    • ‘Courage and bravery under fire earned him a Bronze Star.’
    • ‘As his mother sat with a folded flag in her lap and his father accepted a Bronze Star, even the Green Berets cried.’
    • ‘His actions earned him a Bronze Star, awarded during a field ceremony.’
    • ‘Recall that he was awarded, at least, three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star, and a Silver Star.’
    • ‘Dvorin was posthumously awarded a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart and was credited with saving more than a dozen soldiers from being killed or injured.’
    • ‘Months later, Himelright's bravery is rewarded with a Bronze Star.’
    • ‘Didn't he win a Bronze Star for saving a man's life under fire?’
    • ‘ADFWC's Maj Gunder was awarded a Bronze Star Medal for exceptionally meritorious service in Operation Iraqi Freedom.’
    • ‘Luis Prosper has spent 24 years in the Army, reached the highest rank given to a non-commissioned officer - sergeant major - and was awarded a Bronze Star for heroism in Iraq.’
    • ‘He served in the Army from 1941 to '45 and during that time was honored with the Legion of Merit award and a Bronze Star.’
    • ‘For his exemplary service, the young soldier was awarded a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts.’
    • ‘It's not worthy of a Bronze Star in my opinion.’
    • ‘The Air Force awarded 2,425 Bronze Stars and 21 Silver Stars from March 2002 to August 2004 for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.’
    • ‘As an 18-year-old he won a Bronze Star on the battlefield at the Battle of the Bulge for saving a comrade who was in jeopardy.’