Definition of bronchial tree in US English:

bronchial tree


  • The branching system of bronchi and bronchioles, conducting air from the windpipe into the lungs.

    • ‘Endoscopy has made it possible to obtain specimens from stomach or colon, or from the bronchial tree in the lungs, which can be examined by histological techniques, allowing an accurate diagnosis to be made.’
    • ‘After the first breath, the infant will deposit the aspirated meconium stained fluid further down the bronchial tree and therefore cause a mechanical blockage of alveoli and small airways with a resultant ball-valve type obstruction.’
    • ‘Blood from the lower bronchial tree typically induces cough, whereas a history of epistaxis or expectorating without cough would be consistent with an upper respiratory source but does not exclude a lower tract site.’
    • ‘The chest cavity, or thorax (pronounced: thor-aks), is the airtight box that houses the bronchial tree, lungs, heart, and other structures.’
    • ‘Inhibitory effects, by contrast, are exerted upon smooth muscle cells in the wall of the gut, the bronchial tree of the lungs, and the vessels that supply blood to skeletal muscle.’
    • ‘Distal portions of the bronchial tree can become difficult to assess if they are filled with viscous secretions, such as blood.’
    • ‘Bronchiectasis is a disease characterized by irreversible dilatation of the bronchial tree.’
    • ‘Along with airway inflammation, contraction of smooth muscle within the bronchial tree is responsible for this phenomenon.’
    • ‘Pulmonary neuroendocrine cells have been reported to produce a variety of peptides and amines, which may have local effects on the pulmonary vasculature and bronchial tree.’
    • ‘Inflammation appears to be present throughout the bronchial tree and in the respiratory portion of the lung in patients with COPD.’
    • ‘It means that the dynamics of airflow within the bronchial tree favor distribution of incoming droplets to the outermost regions of the dependent lungs, presumably because of the branching pattern of airways.’
    • ‘Pulmonary sequestration is a congenital abnormality in which a portion of the lung shows separation from the normal bronchial tree and blood supply, though retaining some characteristics of lung tissue.’
    • ‘The large mucosal surface of the bronchial tree is exposed constantly to inhaled antigens.’
    • ‘The follow-up revealed the evolution in time of the trachocondroplastic process up to the obstruction of the trachea or of the bronchial tree.’
    • ‘Invasive techniques, such as polarographic oxygen microelectrodes, cannot be used in the lung because of the inaccessibility of the bronchial tree.’
    • ‘Variations in the patterns of the bronchial trees are, for the most part, due to displacement of segmental and subsegmental bronchi.’
    • ‘Bacterial colonization of the airways leads to further inflammation and the formation of diverticula in the bronchial tree.’
    • ‘Whenever we humans exhale, a certain quantity of air remains in the lungs, the bronchial tree, and the trachea - since those structures cannot completely collapse, as a balloon can.’
    • ‘Because DPS uses a fiber-optic probe that is guided through the working channel of a bronchoscope, the technique is limited to lesions of the proximal bronchial tree.’
    • ‘Acute bronchitis is an infection of the bronchial tree.’