Definition of bronc in US English:



North American
  • short for bronco
    • ‘He spent his youth rodeoing, riding saddle and bareback broncs.’
    • ‘Photos, interviews, and newspaper articles depicted the cowgirl athletes as western women in the truest sense; they roped calves, rode bucking broncs, some even rode bulls.’
    • ‘Early rodeo legends like Yakima Canutt and Jackson Sundown and hard-to-fork broncs like Steamboat were familiar fixtures in such rodeos, and so was western art.’
    • ‘‘It's cool, I'm not riding until the steers and broncs are done,’ he assured her.’
    • ‘De Yong's first major magazine cover for Literary Digest in 1925 was an action-filled open-range scene of bronc busting that offered an abundance of Charlie Russell-like detail.’
    • ‘A couple of hands snagged the bronc he was working on, and pulled the horse aside.’
    • ‘She heard him sigh as he brushed by her to look at the new broncs.’
    • ‘This is where you will be spending the last two months of summer, helping and healing horses, and in return, although it might seem stupid, those beat up broncs will help and heal you too.’
    • ‘In a little over an hour, Adam caught sight of two figures astride a horse so old that it made Chester look like a wild young bronc.’
    • ‘But for now, everyone's waiting out the morning chill, as carnies check their rides, cowboys eye pens filled with bulls and broncs, and families wander about, talking quietly.’
    • ‘Since 2002, Adkins has operated a series of clinics that offer real hands on experience and coaching in bull/steer riding, bareback riding and saddle bronc, all while still managing to still compete on the pro circuit.’
    • ‘Mortensen of Billings, Mont., rode three broncs for 255 points, good for the average title and $15,097, the most of any cowboy in the rodeo.’
    • ‘You recollect old man Snyder who died on the trail that time he got stomped by a bronc.’
    • ‘Over ten million people tune in nightly to follow the different events that make up the competition including bull riding, the saddle bronc and bareback riding.’
    • ‘Boys back there may not be scared of broncs, rattlesnakes, or mean drunks but they'd rather take on all three with a hand tied behind their backs than deal with their Mamas.’
    • ‘The handsome ties are all original designs featuring southwest themes as well as more traditional western conversional ties that feature hats and horses, bucking broncs, horseshoes and other equestrian scenes.’
    • ‘Well, I thought I knew it all really knew it all, and I decided to ride a bronc that my dad had that was scheduled to be broken.’
    • ‘The cow ponies, the broncs, the show horses, and the weary racers: All had helped to craft Smith into the complete horseman.’
    • ‘As a boy, when Harman wasn't chopping firewood, breaking broncs or working a local ranch, he was drawing.’