Definition of bromate in US English:



  • A salt or ester of bromic acid.

    • ‘While bromate is potentially carcinogenic, a spokeswoman for Coca-Cola stressed that there was no health risk from drinking bottles of Dasani.’
    • ‘Potassium bromate has been used as a food additive in the treatment of flour and as a constituent of the neutralizer in cold-wave hair solutions.’
    • ‘The bottles were also found to contain dangerous levels of the potentially harmful chemical bromate, which were higher than those legally permitted in the UK.’
    • ‘A spokesman told News Shopper the excess bromate was due to a chemical reaction during the adding of ozone to the water.’
    • ‘When illegal levels of cancer-causing bromate chemicals were discovered, Coke had no choice but to recall 500,000 bottles and abandon the drink's launch.’