Definition of broker in US English:



  • A person who buys and sells goods or assets for others.

    • ‘They're reviewing rules with brokers who sell their funds and with transfer agencies that process trades.’
    • ‘In only 9 per cent of cases did US brokers advise investors to sell shares.’
    • ‘For one, the middlemen - the brokers and the fund supermarkets - that sell the funds take a big chunk of the money.’
    • ‘We [also] want to make sure that when brokers sell funds, there are no rules or laws being broken.’
    • ‘The sales team pushes back at Wilkes, arguing that the new products undercut their efforts to sell brokers and lenders on the exchange.’
    • ‘The company operates through a nationwide network of 15,000 wholesale brokers and retail offices in 48 states.’
    • ‘It sets out how mortgage lenders and brokers should treat their customers.’
    • ‘Many, say experts, are backed by unscrupulous mortgage brokers or lenders.’
    • ‘According to Dowling, there is a ‘hit list’ of solicitors, accountants, valuers and brokers that lenders avoid.’
    • ‘The change, in effect, would force discount brokers to sell more services and thus, charge more.’
    • ‘In addition, many plans are sold through brokers and investment advisers, who usually charge a sales commission.’
    • ‘The discretion mortgage brokers and lenders have in setting rates and fees leads to inefficiencies.’
    • ‘Corporate clients will decide to put together their own insurance policies, axing brokers altogether.’
    • ‘Regulators should also ban granting higher commissions to brokers selling the firm's own funds, which often have lower returns.’
    • ‘In South Africa medical scheme administrators appoint brokers to sell their products.’
    • ‘Some sell through brokers, others sell to retail stores like Whole Foods, others choose to sell through ALBA Organics.’
    • ‘Some 130 tons of mercury were sold to a broker, which resold it for use in India.’
    • ‘MBS is a wholesale intermediary, or ‘packager’, which operates between lenders and mortgage brokers.’
    • ‘The real problem for him is that he is unlikely to accept the broker's buy or sell recommendation which comes at the end of these documents.’
    • ‘Anyone considering PHI should be careful about the broker they choose as brokers don't always sell products from all insurers in the market.’
    dealer, broker-dealer, agent, negotiator, trafficker
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[with object]
  • Arrange or negotiate (a settlement, deal, or plan)

    ‘fighting continued despite attempts to broker a ceasefire’
    • ‘There's been little trouble in the area since the peace was brokered and the ceasefire has been extended to December the first.’
    • ‘He grew up in an era when Cork had brokered a power sharing agreement with Kerry, though never claiming absolute supremacy.’
    • ‘In due course, counsel brokered an agreement to permit the sale of the Major McKenzie lands to proceed.’
    • ‘This is Europe's point man in brokering a peace between Israel and Arab states.’
    • ‘The French have been blamed by loyalist mobs for brokering a recent peace deal that the government supporters say concedes too much to the rebels.’
    • ‘In 2001 he brokered a so-called peace deal involving a number of feuding families in the Southill area.’
    • ‘Two recently brokered peace agreements in Africa, in Sudan and the Congo, are extremely tenuous.’
    • ‘The agreement was brokered by the World Bank and remains a model for amicable sharing of resources.’
    • ‘David Parker, the MP for Otago, has recently been instrumental in brokering an agreement for a new lakeweed control programme in Lake Wanaka.’
    • ‘A key part of the agreement being brokered in the Congo is how to deal with the Hutu militias.’
    • ‘Several attempts to broker a peace agreement between the two peoples were unsuccessful.’
    • ‘If, for example, the deal with Pakistan holds it could bring the country back in from the cold and offers the possibility of brokering an agreement with India over Kashmir.’
    • ‘Only one group has opposed the corporations facilitating the murder in Sudan with any success, at least when it comes to brokering a fragile peace in the south.’
    • ‘The talks that brokered agreement in Derry were chaired by the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce.’
    • ‘Egeland has brokered peace in Guatemala, Israel, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the former Yugoslavia.’
    • ‘Their talents at brokering a peace after such long-standing hatred would be far more usefully employed bringing together real warring factions.’
    • ‘The veteran Congress leader is understood to have brokered peace between his children who were reportedly at loggerheads.’
    • ‘Once again, it should take the lead in brokering an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.’
    • ‘Scotland will only prosper once peace is brokered with the English-based stars and their clubs, writes Neil Drysdale’
    • ‘In the interests of brokering a peace, we'd like to float the following theory.’
    arrange, organize, orchestrate, work out, thrash out, hammer out, settle, clinch, contract, pull off, bring about, bring off
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Middle English (denoting a retailer or pedlar): from Anglo-Norman French brocour, of unknown ultimate origin.