Definition of broker in English:



  • A person who buys and sells goods or assets for others.

    • ‘The discretion mortgage brokers and lenders have in setting rates and fees leads to inefficiencies.’
    • ‘Anyone considering PHI should be careful about the broker they choose as brokers don't always sell products from all insurers in the market.’
    • ‘We [also] want to make sure that when brokers sell funds, there are no rules or laws being broken.’
    • ‘MBS is a wholesale intermediary, or ‘packager’, which operates between lenders and mortgage brokers.’
    • ‘For one, the middlemen - the brokers and the fund supermarkets - that sell the funds take a big chunk of the money.’
    • ‘In South Africa medical scheme administrators appoint brokers to sell their products.’
    • ‘The company operates through a nationwide network of 15,000 wholesale brokers and retail offices in 48 states.’
    • ‘Regulators should also ban granting higher commissions to brokers selling the firm's own funds, which often have lower returns.’
    • ‘Many, say experts, are backed by unscrupulous mortgage brokers or lenders.’
    • ‘Some sell through brokers, others sell to retail stores like Whole Foods, others choose to sell through ALBA Organics.’
    • ‘They're reviewing rules with brokers who sell their funds and with transfer agencies that process trades.’
    • ‘In addition, many plans are sold through brokers and investment advisers, who usually charge a sales commission.’
    • ‘It sets out how mortgage lenders and brokers should treat their customers.’
    • ‘The real problem for him is that he is unlikely to accept the broker's buy or sell recommendation which comes at the end of these documents.’
    • ‘According to Dowling, there is a ‘hit list’ of solicitors, accountants, valuers and brokers that lenders avoid.’
    • ‘Some 130 tons of mercury were sold to a broker, which resold it for use in India.’
    • ‘In only 9 per cent of cases did US brokers advise investors to sell shares.’
    • ‘Corporate clients will decide to put together their own insurance policies, axing brokers altogether.’
    • ‘The sales team pushes back at Wilkes, arguing that the new products undercut their efforts to sell brokers and lenders on the exchange.’
    • ‘The change, in effect, would force discount brokers to sell more services and thus, charge more.’
    dealer, broker-dealer, agent, negotiator, trafficker
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  • Arrange or negotiate (a settlement, deal, or plan)

    ‘fighting continued despite attempts to broker a ceasefire’
    • ‘The veteran Congress leader is understood to have brokered peace between his children who were reportedly at loggerheads.’
    • ‘In due course, counsel brokered an agreement to permit the sale of the Major McKenzie lands to proceed.’
    • ‘Two recently brokered peace agreements in Africa, in Sudan and the Congo, are extremely tenuous.’
    • ‘Several attempts to broker a peace agreement between the two peoples were unsuccessful.’
    • ‘The agreement was brokered by the World Bank and remains a model for amicable sharing of resources.’
    • ‘Their talents at brokering a peace after such long-standing hatred would be far more usefully employed bringing together real warring factions.’
    • ‘He grew up in an era when Cork had brokered a power sharing agreement with Kerry, though never claiming absolute supremacy.’
    • ‘David Parker, the MP for Otago, has recently been instrumental in brokering an agreement for a new lakeweed control programme in Lake Wanaka.’
    • ‘This is Europe's point man in brokering a peace between Israel and Arab states.’
    • ‘In the interests of brokering a peace, we'd like to float the following theory.’
    • ‘The French have been blamed by loyalist mobs for brokering a recent peace deal that the government supporters say concedes too much to the rebels.’
    • ‘Scotland will only prosper once peace is brokered with the English-based stars and their clubs, writes Neil Drysdale’
    • ‘Once again, it should take the lead in brokering an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.’
    • ‘Egeland has brokered peace in Guatemala, Israel, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the former Yugoslavia.’
    • ‘There's been little trouble in the area since the peace was brokered and the ceasefire has been extended to December the first.’
    • ‘If, for example, the deal with Pakistan holds it could bring the country back in from the cold and offers the possibility of brokering an agreement with India over Kashmir.’
    • ‘A key part of the agreement being brokered in the Congo is how to deal with the Hutu militias.’
    • ‘In 2001 he brokered a so-called peace deal involving a number of feuding families in the Southill area.’
    • ‘Only one group has opposed the corporations facilitating the murder in Sudan with any success, at least when it comes to brokering a fragile peace in the south.’
    • ‘The talks that brokered agreement in Derry were chaired by the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce.’
    arrange, organize, orchestrate, work out, thrash out, hammer out, settle, clinch, contract, pull off, bring about, bring off
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Middle English (denoting a retailer or pedlar): from Anglo-Norman French brocour, of unknown ultimate origin.