Definition of broken heart in US English:

broken heart


  • Used in reference to a state of extreme grief or sorrow, typically caused by the death of a loved one or the ending of a romantic relationship.

    ‘he never spoke about his son's disappearance and friends said that he died of a broken heart’
    ‘she's been nursing a broken heart since splitting up with her fiancé’
    • ‘The other person might have been planning his whole life on that person staying, so he has a broken heart inside.’
    • ‘Cal leaves a wake of broken hearts and ruined lives behind him.’
    • ‘She had been passionately in love with him and later committed suicide, apparently of a broken heart.’
    • ‘Every lovelorn track is reminiscent of high school dances, gossip sessions and adolescent broken hearts and tears.’
    • ‘Joanie soon learns of his broken heart and sets about doing some matchmaking with local nurse Mandy.’
    • ‘Trying to cure a broken heart, she set off on a trip to India.’
    • ‘Bill's the spurned older lover, nursing a broken heart.’
    • ‘She is also nursing a broken heart after her boyfriend disappeared in Vietnam.’
    • ‘Each is desperate to overtake the limitations - dull jobs, lack of money, broken hearts, emptiness - that identify their existence.’
    • ‘The only reasonable explanation would rest in a fallen relationship or broken heart; however, the two have never known one another.’