Definition of broken-hearted in English:



  • Overwhelmed by grief or disappointment.

    • ‘From a faith perspective, our mission statement followed from Jesus to preach good news to the poor and to heal the broken-hearted and set the captive free.’
    • ‘She was left broken-hearted after the Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis abruptly dumped her in favour of Jacqueline Kennedy; and her extraordinary voice had gone.’
    • ‘He is mourned by his broken-hearted wife Breda, daughters-in-law Siobhan and Vera, grandson, brothers, cousins, relatives and friends all his neighbours and his dancing friends.’
    • ‘I think if you don't have compassion for other human beings who are truly, truly broken-hearted by the pain that they've caused, then what's that say about you, if you can't forgive?’
    • ‘It may affect Professor A very deeply - indeed, he may die of broken-hearted disappointment at the loss of his fellow-believers.’
    • ‘In A Woman's Book of Revenge, author Christine Gallagher describes the longing for ‘swift and deadly revenge’ as an essential stage on the road to recovery for the broken-hearted.’
    • ‘Motorcycle thieves who snatched a one-of-a-kind £35,000 Italian ‘wonderbike’ have left its owner broken-hearted.’
    • ‘‘He looked like a broken-hearted man by that point,’ remembers Roedelius, sitting in the east London offices of Lunz's record label.’
    • ‘I Know It's Over topped a poll of tunes which people turn to when they are depressed, broken-hearted or just having a bad day.’
    • ‘Have no expectations… We don't want you to be disappointed or broken-hearted if your chosen loved one doesn't come through.’
    • ‘Speaking from her home in Manor Farm Road, Bitterne, Mrs Donaldson said: ‘I am absolutely broken-hearted.’’
    • ‘I couldn't have left him up there all night, I'd have been broken-hearted.’
    • ‘A Shipston couple are broken-hearted after their 19-year-old grandson was given a Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order.’
    • ‘She knows Kyle is broken-hearted and is trying to be as nice as she can about all this.’
    • ‘Julie's mum, Linda Norfolk, said the tragedy had left the family broken-hearted and told how her daughter battled for years against the stigma of the condition.’
    • ‘A newlywed Blackpool couple have been left broken-hearted and out of pocket this week after French Police wrecked their romantic honeymoon plans.’
    • ‘I have five more children and there's not a day goes by that one of them does not feel broken-hearted.’
    • ‘With the win secured, the Germans played out time by toying with the Icelanders, who were left chasing the ball, broken-hearted by Scotland's triumph.’
    • ‘Best's wife, Alex, was ‘bearing up’, but Hughes added: ‘Anyone who knows and loves George will be absolutely broken-hearted.’’
    • ‘When the broken-hearted Seymour waits alone at the diner bar, Enid feels ashamed of her actions, and takes it upon herself to follow him home and see how he lives.’
    anguished, devastated, heavy-hearted, suffering, grieving, grief-stricken, grieved, inconsolable, crushed, shattered, desolate, despairing
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