Definition of broke in English:


  • past (and archaic past participle) of break


  • [predicative] Having completely run out of money.

    ‘many farmers went broke’
    • ‘The trouble with this argument is that all the people I know who work overtime are broke!’
    • ‘The club is broke and the only way of fixing it is to do a deal with the principal creditor Bill Barr.’
    • ‘It is also true that I have no ideas at all about it and would only have any if I were feeling very broke.’
    • ‘So for someone who is broke, with low morale, can you see how easy it is to become homeless?’
    • ‘They go broke or they flounder in a dribble of chips waiting for the really good cards.’
    • ‘Four years ago, my grandmother was on her way to post some money to my sister, a broke single mum.’
    • ‘Talk of the town is that the way the money is being spent they might be broke by next month.’
    • ‘If the State had to pick up the tab for some of the work they do we would all be broke.’
    • ‘If they were broke they would be more concerned with making a living than making history.’
    • ‘We would hang by the bar, each of us with a drink paid for individually, broke as we were.’
    • ‘Trust me, you can not only go broke, but you can actually pay taxes as you do it.’
    • ‘This month I am completely broke.’
    penniless, moneyless, bankrupt, insolvent, poor, poverty-stricken, impoverished, impecunious, penurious, indigent, in penury, needy, destitute, ruined, down and out, without a penny to one's name, without two pennies to rub together
    stony broke, flat broke, on one's uppers, cleaned out, on one's beam-ends, bust, hard up, without a brass farthing, without a bean, without a sou, as poor as a church mouse
    skint, without a shot in one's locker
    stone broke, without a red cent
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