Definition of broadleaf in English:



  • another term for broadleaved
    • ‘During the summer months, if broadleaf plantations are not reaching their potential, it is possible to take a foliar sample and send it for analysis.’
    • ‘This would provide just under half a million acres of new broadleaf forests by 2030.’
    • ‘It usually took three difficult days to get there, since the mountain itself was so covered with thick vegetation consisting of huge broadleaf hardwoods and undergrowth that one had to fight through the plants to get to the house.’
    • ‘Ted Horgan of Coillte told delegates that broadleaf woodlands have many non-wood benefits but there is no commercial basis for growing them in Ireland.’
    • ‘Banada Abbey is surrounded by approximately 53 acres, 24 of which are covered with a combination of spruce and pine forestry, with 12 acres decorated with various broadleaf varieties.’
    • ‘All young broadleaf sites should be adequately fenced with rabbit wire to prevent damage from rabbits and hares.’
    • ‘The same is true for many flowering broadleaf evergreens.’
    • ‘They range from mature broadleaf forests, which are considered ideal settings for medieval Robin Hood-type productions, to coniferous woodlands which can pass for North American settings.’
    • ‘Ammopiptanthus Cheng f. is the only genus of evergreen broadleaf shrubs in the north-western desert of China.’
    • ‘Thanks to the establishment of these reserves, Hunan boasts the biggest original evergreen broadleaf forest ecosystem in Asia.’
    • ‘At the moment there is very little broadleaf woodland in the park.’
    • ‘The couple said they thought the chosen site, a clearing in an acre of ancient broadleaf woodland, was a very serene, calm place, which was well suited for the visits of grieving relatives.’
    • ‘Just 14 acres of broadleaf woodland remain, including oak, ash, alder and birch and several large yew trees.’
    • ‘In addition these areas will have more than 10% broadleaf species.’
    • ‘The garden rooms are defined by tall hedges of broadleaf evergreens that provide a backdrop for large pots planted with flowers.’
    • ‘Webb et al. and Reich et al. found that broadleaf stands have a higher annual photosynthetic efficiency than evergreen needle-leaf stands.’
    • ‘All megapode species, except the Malleefowl, live in tropical humid broadleaf forests.’
    • ‘Evergreens, especially broadleaf evergreens, need to be well watered and mulched before winter because the leaves will continue to lose moisture throughout the winter.’
    • ‘Almost all of the forests are located on old native broadleaf woodland sites and six of them are within National Heritage Areas.’
    • ‘Areas planted will have a minimum of ten per cent of open areas and more than ten per cent broadleaf species.’


  • A tree or plant with wide flat leaves.

    • ‘The trees were stately, an opulent mix of mature broadleaf and conifer marching alongside the water in an unruly column stretching to the end of Hillside Drive and beyond.’
    • ‘'It would be best to replant with a native broadleaf, such as an English oak,’ said Mr Harley.’
    • ‘Most broadleaves can be controlled, but sandbur can be a serious competitor.’
    • ‘This not only lowers yield, it creates a terrible weed problem as grasses and broadleaves infest the killed strips.’
    • ‘The employment creation potential of broadleaves exceeds that of conifers given the greater range of end use applications that can be serviced by hardwoods.’
    • ‘As a fan of broadleaves, Joe planted a mixture of Ash, Sycamore, Oak and Beech with a little Larch and Mountain Ash.’
    • ‘Many farmers notice a shift in weed species as they progress into no-till, most likely an increase in annual grasses and perennial broadleaves.’
    • ‘All six herbicides do a good job of controlling broadleaves like pennycress and mustard.’
    • ‘Under the scheme the area has been enhanced through the planting of native broadleaves and the restoration of hedgerows.’
    • ‘We also took into consideration the vision of the Lough Gill Management Plan by restocking the area with native broadleaves.’
    • ‘Conifers tend to grow up straight, while broadleaves are more inclined to fork or produce multiple leaders stems.’
    • ‘The first water-based DNA herbicide, Prowl H2O provides contact and residual control of annual grasses and broadleaves such as waterhemp, kochia and lambsquarters.’
    • ‘Second, work on most species of trees, especially broadleaves, is best done in winter when the leaves are off and the tree is dormant.’
    • ‘Better quality land, when planted with broadleaves, attracts a higher premium.’
    • ‘There will also be a visit to a third site where the management of broadleaves, amongst other issues will be discussed.’
    • ‘This offers grants of up to £1,350 per hectare for planting broadleaves and £700 per hectare for planting conifers.’
    • ‘Very often people express a preference for planting broadleaves.’
    • ‘It's a pity to plant broadleaves if you don't put the bit of work into ensuring that you will have a quality crop.’
    • ‘The same rates should control annual broadleaves (velvetleaf, lambs-quarters, pigweeds, mustards) less than 6 inches tall.’
    • ‘Following this intensive study carried out over a number of years it was discovered that Carlow boasts the tallest broadleaf in Ireland.’