Definition of Brix scale in US English:

Brix scale


  • A hydrometer scale for measuring the amount of sugar in a solution at a given temperature.

    • ‘Today the Brix scale is in actual use, but the terms Balling and Brix often are used interchangeably.’
    • ‘The Brix scale on the hydrometer stem is normally calibrated at a temperature of 20°C.’
    • ‘The Brix scale is used almost exclusively for measuring sugar content.’
    • ‘If you have a grape juice that reads 24 on the Brix scale, that means that the juice is made up of 24% sugar by weight.’
    • ‘Temperature compensated refractometers having Brix scales for determining percent sugar levels are convenient for such testing.’


Late 19th century: the name of A. F. W. Brix (1798–1890), German scientist.


Brix scale

/ˈbriks ˌskāl/