Definition of brisket in US English:



  • Meat cut from the breast of an animal, typically a cow.

    • ‘Purchase a whole fresh beef brisket (not corned) or 2 center-cut pieces.’
    • ‘The meats most often used are Sliced brisket, sausage, and pork ribs.’
    • ‘Meats include St. Louis-style ribs, hand-pulled pork, brisket and steak, as well as chicken and fish.’
    • ‘Enjoy a choice of chicken, pork, brisket and more.’
    • ‘These wines can match up quite well with spicy foods, from barbecued brisket to beef enchiladas.’
    • ‘‘Pot on fire’ is braised beef brisket with vegetables.’
    • ‘Apparently, the steaming process reduces the size of the brisket but maximizes the flavor.’
    • ‘For dinner, there was rolls, mash potatoes and gravy, brisket and green beans.’
    • ‘In Kentucky, barbecued mutton reigns, and in Texas, it's beef brisket.’
    • ‘You'd send the beef away, but the butcher would send you back brisket.’
    • ‘Here's my juicy plate with brisket and my spinach on the side.’
    • ‘The water-buffalo meat, or beef, should be of a flaky sort, with some fat; brisket is the best cut of beef to choose.’
    • ‘Pastrami in New York is smoked salt-cured brisket with ginger, garlic, coriander, pepper and other spices on it.’
    • ‘I ordered three cheaply priced tacos: a fried chicken taco, a brisket taco, and a fried fish taco.’
    • ‘We had herbed chicken, beef brisket, chili beans, fruit salad and corn on the cob.’
    • ‘Recommended dishes include the fresh chicken in red wine and cold beef brisket with fresh leeks.’
    • ‘Shred about 10 ounces cooked beef brisket or chuck.’
    • ‘In addition, dour men in chef's hats will carve up smoked meat brisket, roast beef, lamb or chicken for you.’
    • ‘Everyone knows how to make a brisket or a turkey.’
    • ‘Plus, he'll offer a beef brisket, which is popular in Texas.’


Middle English: perhaps from Old Norse brjósk ‘cartilage, gristle’.