Definition of bring something in in US English:

bring something in

phrasal verb

  • 1Introduce a new law or product.

    ‘Congress brought in reforms to prevent abuse of presidential power’
    • ‘A raft of new taxes could be brought in under proposals unveiled yesterday.’
    • ‘So there's a real challenge on our part as we work with retailers to bring those refrigerated products in.’
    • ‘If wine was reasonably priced, inventory would move, and new vintages could be brought in.’
    • ‘Constitutional reforms had been brought in by the Liberals.’
    introduce, launch, inaugurate, initiate, put in place, institute, usher in
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  • 2(of a jury) give a decision in court.

    ‘the jury brought in a unanimous verdict’
    • ‘The first claim was that he was innocent, and would continue to be, until a jury brought in a guilty verdict.’
    • ‘The jury brought in a verdict that the cave-in in the tunnel was due to faulty design in the timbering.’
    • ‘This time the jury brought in a decision in favor of Scott, and the defense prepared an appeal.’
  • 3Make or earn a particular amount of money.

    ‘their fund-raising efforts have brought in more than $1 million’
    • ‘Finding advertising is one of the ways I could bring some money in.’
    • ‘Her profession of political image consultant brought in a good salary and gave her a healthy investment portfolio.’
    • ‘The ad then brought in over a quarter million pounds-worth of orders on its very first outing.’
    • ‘While playing my viola brought in a lot of cash, it also made me the biggest nerd at my school.’
    earn, make, bring, fetch, yield, net, gross
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