Definition of bring someone down in US English:

bring someone down

phrasal verb

  • 1Cause someone to fall over, especially by tackling them during a football game or rugby match.

    • ‘She barreled into me and brought me down, knocking the wind out of me.’
    • ‘Sean laughed and chased me, bringing me down with a rugby tackle a short distance away.’
    • ‘Agent 547 knocked the gun from his hands and brought him down.’
    • ‘As he swung him around, Bill tripped him to bring him down on his back.’
    • ‘The tackle brought him down and they both fell to the floor with a thump.’
    • ‘He then spun Glenn about and then brought him down into the wooden floor with a powerful swing.’
    foul, trip, knock over
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    1. 1.1 Cause someone to lose power.
      ‘the vote will not bring down the government’
      • ‘There is the potential to upset the balance in the industry and bring this company down.’
      • ‘After more than 400 years of power, the Kingdom was brought down by invading armies.’
      • ‘She fervently hoped to see Arlan lose, to bring him down from atop his pedestal.’
      overthrow, depose, oust, unseat, overturn, topple, cause to fall, pull down, lay low
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    2. 1.2 Make someone unhappy.
      • ‘She didn't want to bring Frank down… but she was still hopelessly depressed.’
      • ‘These members bring me down more then any of the issues from the last two years.’
      • ‘I thought that maybe it was Peter's depression bringing her down.’
      • ‘The stars seemed to have lost their glitter, and the night shiver brought me down.’
      • ‘Not winning will depress his fans more than it will bring him down, because his despair is constant.’
      depress, sadden, make sad, make unhappy, upset, cast down, get down, make desolate, deject, dispirit, dishearten, discourage, weigh down, dampen the spirits of, oppress
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