Definition of bring someone/something down in US English:

bring someone/something down

phrasal verb

  • 1Cause an animal or person to fall over by shooting them.

    • ‘The shot that had brought him down had lodged in his thigh.’
    • ‘This one of the sort had a long bolt-it was for bringing a grisly bear down.’
    • ‘The shot which brought him down was fired by the owner of the pigeons.’
    • ‘He fought his excitement, trying to line up a shot that would bring the bear down.’
    • ‘The cow dodged and ran within ten or fifteen yards of them when both men fired and brought her down.’
    1. 1.1 Cause an aircraft or bird to fall from the sky by shooting it.
      • ‘Government agencies deny that a Navy missile brought the plane down.’
      • ‘Commercial airlines have been brought down by military aircraft and missiles.’
      • ‘As the jet descended to land, it was brought down by two missiles.’
      • ‘The Pentagon says it doesn't appear the aircraft was brought down by hostile fire.’
      • ‘As a duck came speeding by, B.K. took the shot and brought the duck down.’