Definition of bring (or come) to life in US English:

bring (or come) to life


  • 1Regain or cause to regain consciousness or return as if from death.

    ‘all this was of great interest to her, as if she were coming to life after a long sleep’
    • ‘He died and came to life again and hence conquered death.’
    1. 1.1 (with reference to a fictional character or inanimate object) cause or seem to be alive or real.
      ‘he brings the character of MacDonald to life with power and precision’
      ‘all the puppets came to life again’
      • ‘I defy the most cynical not to be struck dumb by the character parade, which comes to life to the tune of the Nutcracker ballet.’
      • ‘The paradoxical implication is rather delicious: Instead of a real dancer playing a puppet who comes to life and dies, here is a real puppet who comes to life as an idealized human being and achieves immortality.’
      • ‘Even better were the real life characters brought to life by the cast of players who were involved every week.’
      • ‘Simon is another character who comes to life as never before.’
      • ‘Children relate to puppets from their earliest years as they are used to making inanimate characters come to life.’
      • ‘I had to be objective so that the characters could come to life, so that the work could have shape.’
      • ‘The thing I love most about the job is animating and making your character come to life.’
      • ‘But audiences willingly collude in that pretence and (when it's done well) rejoice in the characters it brings to life.’
      • ‘As all children know, the minute you leave your room, your toys come to life.’
      • ‘He had a supernatural presence, almost like a fictional character come to life.’
    2. 1.2 Make or become active, lively, or interesting.
      ‘soon, with the return of the peasants and fishermen, the village comes to life again’
      ‘you can bring any room to life with these coordinating cushions’
      • ‘It was very interesting to see their urban mural come to life and develop.’
      • ‘The village of Gorthganny came to life with the sound of traditional music, song & dance recently.’
      • ‘Houses have stories to tell, and it's only in the hands of a good guide that the anecdote-laden rooms truly come to life.’
      • ‘It never ceased to amaze him how she could make a long reading assignment come to life and be interesting.’
      • ‘The room just came to life at the end of the day when the educators in the room started talking about using weblogs in their coursework.’
      • ‘It's interesting what you say about how a film can be brought to life again and pulled into the 21st century by something a bit more contemporary.’
      • ‘None other than Dylan Thomas, with his rhetorical verse, could have brought to life with such gaiety and compassion the little fishing village of Llareggub.’
      • ‘Thankfully, I found a small lantern with oil still in it, so I lit it and the room came to life.’
      • ‘But it's so inept on every level that even scenes that have an inherent, almost foolproof interest fail to come to life.’
      • ‘Still, i have to admit the villain's outfit is brilliant, especially the face, and the trailer seems interesting, as the period was well brought to life.’
      become active, become lively, come alive, wake up, awaken, waken, show signs of life, arouse, rouse, stir, emerge
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