Definition of Brinell hardness test in US English:

Brinell hardness test


  • A test to determine the hardness of metals and alloys by hydraulically pressing a steel ball into the metal and measuring the resulting indentation.

    • ‘Optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and Brinell hardness tests were carried out.’
    • ‘The machine permits highly accurate Brinell hardness tests to be carried out on parts with different dimensions.’
    • ‘The previous article dealt with the conventional Vickers and Brinell hardness tests.’
    • ‘The oldest of the hardness test methods in common use on engineering materials today is the Brinell hardness test.’
    • ‘In heat treating, one determines the hardness of pieces of metal by the Brinell hardness test.’


Named for Johan August Brinell (1849–1925), Swedish engineer.


Brinell hardness test

/briˌnel ˈhärdnis ˌtest/