Definition of Brillo pad in US English:

Brillo pad

(also Brillo)


  • 1A pad made of steel wool impregnated with soap, used for scouring pans.

    • ‘Brillo, maker of the familiar Brillo pads, recently commissioned a survey of household cleaning practices.’
    • ‘With out you three helping, I would be nowhere,’ she said, cleaning it with a Brillo pad.’
    • ‘And, I swear, if I had a Brillo pad, I would have scrubbed myself down with it!’
    • ‘Leaking bottles of cleaning fluids, frothy Brillo pads, and a broom were stacked in a soggy heap.’
    • ‘City Lines is a relief made using broken glass, a toothpick, a piece of wire screen, a Brillo pad, sandpaper and cloth.’
    1. 1.1informal as modifier Denoting wiry or tightly curled hair.
      ‘teachers hated my Brillo-pad hairstyle’
      • ‘I had a few decent ideas, none of which really worked for a redhead who currently has a brillo pad on his head.’
      • ‘Mrs. Figgis was standing by the gate chatting to a woman with hair like a rusty Brillo pad.’
      • ‘Of course, my Brillo-pad perm and braces didn't help the situation.’
      • ‘It was believable, unlike the Brillo pad glued to his chin in ridiculous imitation of a goatee.’
      • ‘It's dark, full and thick, not like that scraggly salt-and-pepper Brillo pad stuck to your face.’


Brillo pad

/ˈbrilō pad//ˈbrɪloʊ pæd/