Definition of brilliantly in US English:



  • 1In a very bright or dazzling way.

    ‘the brilliantly hued orchid’
    ‘at night the town was brilliantly lit’
    • ‘From 1912, he painted extensively in northern Ontario, producing brilliantly colored oil sketches on small wooden panels.’
    • ‘The gas-filled tubes, as you can see, work brilliantly, and unlike so many things that look good in the dark, they're very visible in daylight too.’
    • ‘The season unaccountably changes, the leaves all brilliantly fall, thousands at a time,’
    • ‘Emerging trends include the brilliantly hued photos of Winstanley and the classic snapshots of Metzner.’
    • ‘The National Health Service workers pushed giant, brilliantly lit beds into the stadium.’
    • ‘The sanctuary itself is the most brilliantly illuminated part of the church.’
    • ‘She chose a blue that corresponds to the color of the brilliantly clear sky above New York on that day in September.’
    • ‘His works make up a spectacular fleet of brilliantly festooned machines.’
    • ‘The piece presents a sect of 11 men and women, brilliantly clad alike by in white dress shirts, striped ties, and suspendered knickers.’
    • ‘The satellite rose into a brilliantly sunny sky flecked with small white clouds.’
  • 2In an exceptionally clever or talented way.

    ‘this fight was brilliantly choreographed’
    • ‘His buildings have been brilliantly photographed by Gunay for the book.’
    • ‘It's light and colorful, not deep stuff, but so well crafted, so brilliantly orchestrated, that you're apt to play it again and again.’
    • ‘He brilliantly explored the potential of digging into his site to protect users from the almost constant winds of Mykonos.’
    • ‘Her brilliantly edited and produced catalog accompanies this wonderful exhibition.’
    • ‘The company is an outstanding example of a brilliantly executed strategy of consolidation.’
    • ‘His finest works are brilliantly satirical attacks against militarism.’
    • ‘In contrast with the townscape, which was brilliantly inventive, individual buildings were of ephemeral mediocrity.’
    • ‘The brilliantly gifted heir to landed estates and a fortune, he would seem to have had everything needed for success.’
    • ‘Two years later, he brilliantly expressed his ideas in the first Manifesto of Surrealism.’
    • ‘He has brilliantly combined his ideas about language and images to create a complicated and moving tribute to people who have been involved with the research foundation.’
    1. 2.1 In an impressive or outstanding way.
      ‘she succeeded brilliantly’
      • ‘All the dancers are fabulous technically, but they shine most brilliantly when they are enjoying what they're doing.’
      • ‘Are these paintings on the whole deprived of the expected painterly satisfactions so brilliantly present in the figure pieces?’
      • ‘It's brilliantly tense and exciting, but despite a lot of authentic touches, this film doesn't hold true to the real events of 1979.’
      • ‘Justly celebrated as one of the greatest pieces of 18th-century English furniture, it combines brilliantly executed ivory marquetry and sculptural carved detail.’
      • ‘His war paintings brilliantly express the destruction and disillusion of the participants.’
      • ‘This production brilliantly resurrects the 1906 drama as a play for today.’
      • ‘With brilliantly successful results, the Greek sculptor of the portrait has reinterpreted this prototype in terms suitable to an Eastern conception of a proper ruler image.’
      • ‘As a quasi-comedy/tragedy, it works brilliantly!’
      • ‘Both art forms shine more brilliantly with the contrast between the use and non-use of the voice.’
      • ‘The main stadium performed brilliantly, the biggest was the best.’