Definition of bridgework in US English:



  • 1Dental bridges collectively.

    • ‘Missing teeth can be replaced with fixed bridgework in some situations.’
    • ‘‘It's like being 21 again,’ says Jack, who recently had bridgework and dentures replaced.’
    • ‘We do not recommend these for people with bridgework as they can put undue stress on a bridge.’
    • ‘If you currently have a denture you should consider the potential benefits of bridgework.’
    • ‘The toxic metal has also made its way into computer chips, golf clubs and dental bridgework.’
    1. 1.1 The construction or insertion of dental bridges.
      • ‘Just a dentist rarely does his own bridgework, we sometimes lack the time to upgrade our own desktops.’
      • ‘Tomorrow I have my bridgework done on my front teeth.’
      • ‘Bridgework can restore teeth both functionally and cosmetically.’
      • ‘Non-routine dental expenses, including bridgework and orthodontic treatment, do qualify for tax relief.’
      • ‘Tax relief is available on the more expensive treatments such as bridgework and root canal treatment.’
  • 2Building
    The component parts of a bridge.

    • ‘By constructing a solid foundation, you build the bridgework for a lifetime of career success.’
    • ‘As there was no footway, there was fear that some might fall through the bridgework to the river.’
    1. 2.1 The construction of bridges.
      • ‘Chronological excerpts connect historical islands with an elaborate quasi-fictional bridgework.’
      • ‘A lane closure is scheduled at the Presumpscot River Bridge for bridgework.’
      • ‘In addition to bridgework, there will be pipe/trench work taking place at various locations.’