Definition of bride-to-be in US English:



  • A woman who is soon to be married; a fiancée.

    ‘both brides-to-be will be walking down the aisle shortly’
    • ‘The expectant young brides-to-be had their hearts set on a white wedding.’
    • ‘All the expected characters are there: the frantic mother, the overwhelmed and overwrought bride-to-be, the endlessly patient bridesmaid, and her cynical cohort.’
    • ‘The announcement of the marriage was accompanied by the publication of photos of the redheaded bride-to-be.’
    • ‘In 1903, Phipps told his English bride-to-be that he would build a home here reminiscent of her family estate in Battle Abbey.’
    • ‘They exchanged horror stories about controlling brides-to-be who obsessed over the trim on bridesmaids' dresses and got into screaming fights about appetizers.’
    • ‘The brides-to-be were radiant on the night.’
    • ‘Ivory seems to be the colour most brides-to-be are favouring as white may be a little stark in terms of matching accessories.’
    • ‘The ceremony was already in process and John stood in front of the church as he waited for his bride-to-be to come up the aisle.’
    • ‘The besotted pair soon announced their engagement and the bride-to-be started to plan a low-key wedding in front of close friends and family.’
    • ‘Guys aren't the only ones who complain about brides-to-be talking of nothing but upcoming nuptials.’
    • ‘A wedding should be the most memorable occasion of a couple's life, and every bride-to-be should look and feel her best for the special day.’
    • ‘I would recommend this way of tanning for any of my brides-to-be.’
    • ‘When the bride-to-be visits her future husband's family for the first time, she is given a small heart-shaped bag.’
    • ‘A prospective husband had to pay bride-wealth to the family of his bride-to-be, usually in the form of cattle.’
    • ‘The irresistible Tony and his vibrantly beautiful bride-to-be Tina score top points for compatibility.’
    • ‘During the preparations for the wedding she offered the bride-to-be a cigarette.’
    • ‘Most importantly, the party should reflect the bride-to-be and what you know she would be comfortable with.’
    • ‘The date of the wedding was settled and both parties looked pleased as the bride-to-be served tea.’
    • ‘He and his bride-to-be spent some time last year at an exclusive mansion at a lake in the mountains.’
    • ‘The shop has an adjoining beauty salon and relaxing spa for brides-to-be needing a little pampering.’
    betrothed, wife-to-be, future wife, prospective wife, prospective spouse
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