Definition of brewer's yeast in US English:

brewer's yeast


  • A yeast that is used in breadmaking, winemaking, and the brewing of top-fermenting beer. It is also consumed as a source of vitamin B and is used in laboratories as an important research organism.

    Saccharomyces cerevisiae, phylum Ascomycota

    count noun ‘a traditional brewer's yeast’
    as modifier ‘brewer's yeast tablets’
    • ‘The patties - typically made of corn syrup, soy flour, and brewer's yeast - create another problem.’
    • ‘This B vitamin is found in fresh green leafy vegetables and brewer's yeast.’
    • ‘We use brewer's yeast to feed fleas when we're raising them for experiments.’
    • ‘Even some single-celled eukaryotes are familiar, such as brewer's yeast or athlete's foot fungus.’
    • ‘Human absorption from food is estimated at about 2-3 percent and 510 percent from brewer's yeast.’
    • ‘A strong infusion of the tea with brewer's yeast treats delayed menses.’
    • ‘The high starch content of corn can be converted to sugar and then fermented to ethanol fuel by brewer's yeast.’