Definition of brent goose in US English:

brent goose


  • A small goose with a mainly black head and neck, breeding in the arctic tundra of Eurasia and Canada; a brant.

    • ‘The grazing intensity of wintering brent geese was monitored on areas of grass pasture.’
    • ‘You can help them by reporting sightings of brent geese away from the coast.’
    • ‘The Eastern Canada population of light-bellied brent geese is relatively small, comprising perhaps only 20,000 birds.’
    • ‘Ten brent geese being tracked by radio transmitters have reached Canada's arctic.’
    • ‘During our latest visit to the reserve brent geese were the main attraction.’


Late Middle English: of unknown origin.


brent goose

/ˈbrent ˌɡo͞os//ˈbrɛnt ˌɡus/