Definition of Bren in English:


(also Bren gun)


  • A lightweight quick-firing machine gun used by the Allied Forces in World War II.

    • ‘There were also beautifully restored military vehicles, including jeeps, and Bren gun carriers.’
    • ‘As he paused beside a large rock to reload his Bren gun, he was shot dead by a sniper.’
    • ‘After a noisy afternoon with a Bren firing 12 inches from my left ear, I was deafened.’
    • ‘It takes me back to the cadets, assembling or dissembling the Bren gun: piston, barrel, butt, body, bipod.’
    • ‘He became a Bren gunner and was taught to kill - a far cry from his Christian pacifist background.’


Blend of Brno (a town in the Czech Republic where it was originally made) and Enfield in England (site of the Royal Small Arms Factory where it was later made).