Definition of breech presentation in US English:

breech presentation


  • A position of a fetus in which the buttocks or feet emerge first at birth.

    • ‘It showed a late second-trimester fetus in a breech presentation.’
    • ‘Of these controls, 217 showed breech presentation after the 28th week of pregnancy.’
    • ‘As her condition was deteriorating, we planned to induce delivery, but a breech presentation was subsequently discovered.’
    • ‘As breech presentation is itself significantly associated with poor perinatal outcome.’
    • ‘Developmental hip dysplasia has some common risk factors, including breech presentation birth.’
    • ‘She planned to give birth to her second child at a hospital because the baby was a breech presentation.’
    • ‘Hypnosis has been reported helpful in the conversion of the breech presentation to vertex.’
    • ‘Patients at intermediate risk include girls born in breech presentation.’
    • ‘An infant born via breech presentation will often pass meconium prior to delivery, even without fetal distress.’
    • ‘Stimulation of acupuncture points used in Eastern medicine is very effective in correcting breech presentation.’
    • ‘None had conditions requiring special management during pregnancy such as breech presentation.’
    • ‘The illustrations below show the most common types of breech presentation.’
    • ‘Fewer women had breech presentations.’
    • ‘In some situations forceps may be the safest option for delivery - for example, with an undiagnosed breech presentation.’
    • ‘The indications for the cesarean deliveries were categorized as breech presentation and others.’
    • ‘His breech presentation required careful maneuvering.’
    • ‘The reasons for performing a cesarean section were breech presentation and narrow birth channel.’
    • ‘Cesarean section was performed at term because of breech presentation.’
    • ‘The following excerpt describes a woman with a breech presentation in her first pregnancy.’
    • ‘Oligohydramnios and breech presentation are associated with an increased risk of DDH.’