Definition of bred in US English:


  • past and past participle of breed


  • usually in combination (of a person or animal) reared in a specified environment or way.

    ‘a city-bred man’
    • ‘Much of the delivery work was done by half-draft or specially bred horses.’
    • ‘Specially bred horses (all stallions no more than 14 hands high) were fed and housed in lavish stables and great forts.’
    • ‘Yet for the time they are alive, these carefully bred animals are treated to a lavish lifestyle before they face mortal combat.’
    • ‘Here, different bred animals are set loose in the city.’
    • ‘As Luni rode through town, mounted on his exquisitely bred horse, she decided that life with him might not be so bad.’
    • ‘A company once asked him to see if its specially bred beans caused less gas than ordinary beans.’