Definition of Brechtian in US English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the German playwright, producer, and poet Bertolt Brecht or his work.

    ‘a masterpiece of Brechtian alienation’
    • ‘This 1615 play has all the hallmarks of Brechtian theatre: an episodic structure, a delight in story-telling, and an underdog hero who dispenses justice and redistributes wealth.’
    • ‘Throughout the album you get a sense of stage and of cabaret - a Brechtian atmosphere permeates the whole album.’
    • ‘I try to make the process of watching something Brechtian, to stand back and say, What are they really showing us?’
    • ‘Clearly this is a high-concept, ironic, no-motion aesthetic, maybe even Brechtian.’
    • ‘The Ruling Class remains the only film to ever combine elements of Jacobean drama, Brechtian satire, Hammer horror and musical comedy.’
    • ‘Then, somewhat as in a Brechtian play, we are served up a clash of voices, of discourses and positions, representing various social views of this coming takeover.’