Definition of breathing room in US English:

breathing room


  • 1Sufficient room to move and breathe comfortably.

    • ‘There was perhaps only about five inches of breathing room left in the car.’
    • ‘The editing is arrhythmic - it somehow feels cut all wrong, like there's no breathing room.’
    • ‘"Matching its height to the top of the doors also gives the space some breathing room."’
    • ‘Another thing a computer program cannot tell you is where to find breathing room during your morning commute.’
    • ‘Why people would want to act like herded cattle instead of having some breathing room is beyond me.’
    • ‘Still the bus stopped for a few more people to squeeze into what was left of the breathing room.’
    1. 1.1 Breathing space.
      • ‘But, otherwise, I think they'll give him a little bit of breathing room initially.’
      • ‘For now, Nvidia has a little breathing room.’
      • ‘Personally, I've headed to the south to find a little more breathing room.’
      • ‘By stretching out the debt-service schedule, Argentine authorities are hoping to buy much needed breathing room.’
      • ‘By the time Danny is collared again we're grateful to have some breathing room.’
      • ‘The shorter running time allows him more breathing room; instead of having to stick to a plot, he can concentrate on his greatest strengths.’
      • ‘They wanted a little breathing room in order to figure out how to deal with the problems in Edmonton's favourite entertainment district.’
      • ‘Even if you still have to finish your own 2006 tax return, there's a little extra breathing room.’
      • ‘That buys me some breathing room on a lot of issues.’
      • ‘China could also give Taiwan more breathing room internationally.’
      • ‘There's still a need for political reconciliation, for breathing room.’
      • ‘They would like nothing more than some breathing room.’
      • ‘That way folks would get breathing room, maybe get a new loan in the meantime.’
      • ‘All three will be more expensive next year, but for the time being at least, Baltimore has some breathing room.’
      • ‘She knew how much her family loved and missed her, but she was also ready to have some breathing room back.’
      • ‘Originally, the administration suggested that the key measure was whether it gave breathing room for a political reconciliation.’
      • ‘By keeping your costs low, you will be able to create the breathing room you need to have time to achieve results.’
      • ‘It may give U.S. carmakers some much-needed breathing room.’
      • ‘Thursday it was, giving everyone a little more breathing room.’
      • ‘We need to give people the breathing room to get back on their feet.’