Definition of breathe (new) life into in US English:

breathe (new) life into


  • Fill with enthusiasm and energy; reinvigorate.

    ‘spring breathes new life into a wintry woods’
    • ‘It is certainly breathing new life into a flagging design economy.’
    • ‘I mean, I love fleshing them out, feeling them, breathing life into them.’
    • ‘Some directors combined visual and aural experimentation to breathe life into what they viewed as a moribund art form.’
    • ‘The opera company has a reputation for breathing new life into neglected masterpieces.’
    • ‘Even under a heavy latex suit, his intensity comes through and breathes life into what could be a wooden role.’
    • ‘Reality shows are breathing life into the careers of some unlikely people.’
    • ‘An unlearned spontaneity breathes life into the best pieces here.’
    • ‘His work is entirely digital with creative textures and themes breathing life into his three-dimensional models.’
    • ‘They rejuvenate their age-old vocal style by breathing new life into some time-worn standards.’
    • ‘Portraying their vibrancy and the sheer emotional drama of their everyday lives, he breathes life into his characters.’
    reinvigorate, revitalize, re-energize, brace, fortify, strengthen, give new strength to, give a boost to, build up, bolster, prop up, help, renew, regenerate, restore, revive, revivify, rejuvenate, reanimate, resuscitate, refresh, reawaken, rekindle, enliven, stimulate, put some spark into, kick-start, uplift
    instil, infuse, inject, impart, imbue with, transfuse
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