Definition of breakable in US English:



  • Capable of breaking or being broken easily.

    ‘breakable ornaments’
    ‘an encrypted password isn't easily breakable’
    • ‘With six to eight inches of powder covering a layer of breakable crust, we needed to create a practice area.’
    • ‘When my son Richie, now 14, was quite small, I would clear the kitchen sink of any sharp or breakable objects.’
    • ‘It was a glass table, with corners sharp enough to blunt a diamond, covered in every breakable variety of knickknack known to man.’
    • ‘I don't know about you, but whenever I move (and I seem to have done a lot of it over the last four years), it never ceases to amaze me quite how much breakable material I have in my posession.’
    • ‘Remove temptations (like breakable items) before children get into trouble.’
    • ‘The Court held that he must have known that he was dealing with breakable material, even if that fact was not at the forefront of his mind when he slammed the receiver down.’
    • ‘At its simplest, it means keeping objects clean, preventing bright sunlight from bleaching them and storing breakable pieces in a safe place.’
    • ‘And breakable stuff has a tendency to get broken, especially in large groups.’
    • ‘Windows, for example, are very breakable, but I wouldn't fancy living in a world without them.’
    • ‘I'm going to find it very difficult to thank the man for showing me how easily breakable my windows are in that case.’
    • ‘You three move the breakable stuff upstairs, and I'll get to work with my crew to make your house look like a dream.’
    • ‘On the climb we found very challenging conditions - powder snow, breakable crust, eventually very hard snow and even a bit of ice.’
    • ‘Put aside breakable items and valuables before the guests arrive.’
    • ‘I've got to say I'm pretty pleased with how the breakable glass surfaces turned out.’
    • ‘Suddenly all cryptic codes could be breakable.’
    • ‘Another rule - which is breakable, as they all are - is that you discard your first idea.’
    • ‘General precautions include moving heavy or breakable objects from a child's reach and preventing children from climbing shelving units or pulling objects down on themselves.’
    • ‘It was another great year for Harry Murphy and his men and they must now see that eight-in-a-row record as breakable next year.’
    • ‘The slides are cyclical, meaning years may go by without them running at their largest, while trees grow larger and more breakable.’
    • ‘This does extend out to some of the backgrounds, many of which demonstrate plenty of breakable items.’
    fragile, delicate, easily broken, easily damaged, destructible, frangible, frail, flimsy, insubstantial
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plural noun

  • Things which are fragile and easily broken.

    • ‘Why couldn't the crow throw the stone a little harder, break the pot or jar - breakables all - and drink the water that trickled out?’
    • ‘I have a small excess of plates and glasses and other breakables.’
    • ‘I turned on some music and got started packing the rest of my breakables.’
    • ‘Are they going to have more money so they can eat out more often and buy more breakables?’
    • ‘He tidied the top of the bureau and checked his trunk, making sure all breakables were stowed.’
    • ‘I'm hiding all my glass stuff, you're not to tell anyone where the breakables are, okay Jamie?’
    • ‘It goes without saying that the particular eyes of the particular kids in the room immediately lit up at the possibilities such a treasure trove of breakables threw up.’
    • ‘This man obviously didn't know the meaning of being a parent, all the breakables he had in there.’
    • ‘Packing material littered the office and men in moving uniforms were studiously packing breakables and other pieces of furniture that graced the office.’
    • ‘Boxes will be available from local shops and you can save your newspapers for wrapping breakables.’
    • ‘Move all breakables and furniture out of this space.’
    • ‘One of them was half full of well preserved tissue paper that has been kept for the express purpose of wrapping all of the breakables when we move.’
    • ‘We had put all the breakables and valuables in the study.’
    • ‘You will need a small space of a table with no breakables nearby!’
    • ‘Board games have been pulled out of storage, and I have turned a blind eye to yo-yos tossed up and down dangerously close to vases and other breakables.’
    • ‘I thought that might happen, so I gave Antonia the breakables.’
    • ‘We'd carefully prepared the house (bought case of beer - check, removed all breakables from ground floor - check, warn neighbours - check), and our preparation paid off.’
    • ‘Corn starch packing weighs nothing, costs almost nothing, protects breakables, and is edible.’
    • ‘For instance, before a visit, Leslie, who spent many hours safeguarding breakables from her toddler, now discusses the lay-of-the-land with her hosts first.’