Definition of break one's word in US English:

break one's word


  • Fail to do what one has promised.

    • ‘She gave me no reason for what she asked me to do, but I promised and I won't break my word.’
    • ‘‘I cannot break my word,’ she said, ‘to stay out of jail.’’
    • ‘I looked at him, not about to break my word to Matt and say anything about our musings on the boat.’
    • ‘If journalists break their word when convenient, virtually no one in government will take the risk of revealing official wrongdoing.’
    • ‘We can't have politicians who break their word.’
    • ‘Whatever has come before, we now have only two options: to keep our word, or to break our word.’
    • ‘I was furious with the school for causing me to break my word to my son that he could call me and I would be there for him.’
    • ‘Despite the fact that he's in love with Ginger, Fred feels he can't break his word to Margaret.’
    • ‘Surely you know I'd never break my word to you, Tabby.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, Marius promised an honest reply and he wasn't the type to break his word.’